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Meech And Maloney Climbed World Cup Standings

Meech And Maloney Climbed World Cup Standings

Molly Meech and Alex Maloney put aside their not so good experience of the first day of the race and climb at the leader board in the World Cup final of 49erFX taking place in Santander yesterday.

Meech and Maloney won the first race of two day race and sit in overall eighth and 37 points after backing it up with a seventh and fifth in the invitation-only regatta.

Leaders Saskia Tidey and Charlotte Dobson of Great Britain scored 16 points, but all the top six teams are within six points of each other.

The pair of Kiwi after Rio Olympic that happened last year is competing in their first major regatta. Both are really keen to continue their upward movement in the point’s ladder.

Meech said “Fleet racing is really exciting and we are left with only a few more days, so we have a number of races to race and we are looking forward to getting back out.”

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Jim Sears Wins Caribbean Regatta

Jim Sears Wins Caribbean Regatta

If you have been following the Caribbean regatta that has been going on by Tampa Bay Jim Sears and his team have been victorious, this being the third time for his team at this championship event.

Team Viper as his team is called, were able to rejoice as they crossed the final leg of the regatta. Ryan Becker, the ten year old son was exuberant as his family arrived victorious at The Bight by the Normal Islands. The Becker family was able to win the fourth distance race of the championship, which was part of the race regatta spanning two days. They also succeeded in the long down winder race that covered a course from Sandy Cay to Guana Island which was held the previous day.

It has now been established that Dr Jim Sears has a lead in the championship that is unassailable, having been two times defending champion in this tournament. Team Viper was able to secure a lot of points that helped in their final victory. Sears talked about the experience they had gained in the past that came of use in this regatta as well. They came out of the base early and figured out the sail controls and other mechanics early which helped them in getting a head start. They also planned their tactics carefully as per the prevailing wind conditions.


The regatta was one of the first few international events held in the Tampa bay area. It showcased class A catamarans that were a sight to see for the sailing enthusiasts. It also brought several catamaran owners to the event that showcased their vehicles and several modification designs that each vessel had. It was a weekend that brought several such high performance vessels on the same waters. The sailing races helped to bring out tactical and technical skills among several sailors in this category.